Orbi Mesh Setup Made Easy: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Orbi Mesh Setup

Got a new Orbi mesh setup for a seamless WiFi network, congrats, you have a great choice! However, you might need help with its configuration as you are a new and first-time user. Don’t worry, we are here with a comprehensive and detailed setup guide that you can try out for a hassle-free process. Check the points mentioned below separately to accomplish the setup successfully.

Getting Familiar With The Setup

Orbi is a mesh WiFi setup designed by Netgear to cover WiFi dead spots and provide a seamless internet connection. It consists of several units called satellites that make a combined network by connecting and communicating with each other. Clearly, they work to provide better WiFi coverage throughout every corner and nook.

As a result, there is a stable, consistent, internet experience allowing you to connect a range of devices to the network. As there will be several satellites, you need to connect them together and place them strategically. Choose a central location for the parent satellite that must be closer to the existing modem. Whereas, for the other units, choose the corner places.

Collecting The Prerequisites

Before you move to the Orbi mesh setup process, let’s collect the pre-requirements that you will use during the process. Although there will be no need to collect any specific thing you will need only a few common items. Here are those:

  • Your Orbi router and its default login credentials
  • Other satellites and ethernet cables for connection
  • Power cables and adapters to attach with sockets
  • Your existing modem and its SSID network name
  • Any device such as a laptop, PC, or tablet
  • An active and stable internet connection

Place & Plug The Orbi Satellites

As mentioned earlier, you will need to place the main router and satellites strategically, choose the locations carefully. However, don’t place them behind or closer to the thick concrete walls which can impede the signal transmission. Apart from that, keep the electrical appliances including Bluetooth devices, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, refrigerators, and others away from the router. Lastly, plug in the satellites to the power sockets using the power cables and turn the switches on.

Connect Your Device To Orbi

Now, when your Orbi router is ready for its setup, move to the step right away. Attach your device to the Orbi router using and selecting the Orbi wireless network from the list. See the default WiFi network name, insert its password, and click on the connect button. Make sure there is a strong connection between them.

Access The Orbi Web Interface

In this step, go to the web interface to access the setup window of your Orbi mesh setup. Launch any web browser and either search for the web or IP address there. Use http://orbilogin.com as the web address and as the IP. As a result, you will be on the Orbi web portal within a few minutes.

Log Into The Web Portal

On the next page, the Orbi login window will prompt you for the default username and password. Enter the details that you collected earlier in the required fields and click on the login button. Additionally, you can change the password if asked for the safety purposes of your network. Once you log into the router, you can move to the Netgear Orbi setup process on the same portal.

Basic Configuration Of Router

Set up a new SSID network name and password for your Orbi router network. But, make sure to choose the password which is hard to guess for unauthorized users. Later, follow the directions displayed on the device’s screen and fill in the basic required details to finish the process. Moreover, select the internet connection type (DHCP, PPPoE, and static IP) for some other settings.

Set Up Other Satellites

After completing the setup of the main router, configure other satellites in the same way from the portal. In doing so, there will be extended WiFi coverage and signals in every corner of your house. Make sure those satellites are turned on, placed ideally, and connected strongly to the main router. Then, access the portal and click on the “Add Orbi Satellite” option to configure that.

Checking And Optimizing

Once you configure the entire Orbi mesh setup, check its performance and the internet speed. Run some online Speed Tests and know the uploading & downloading speed. Also, you can transfer some bigger files from your networked PC. Further, make some changes in the setup advanced settings as you desire or require. Finally, check for the latest firmware update and upgrade the file right away.

Thus, there will be a significant improvement in your existing WiFi network once you use this simple guide. However, if you need more guidance with its optimization or troubleshooting, contact our tech experts without any hesitation.