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To configure your Orbi device using the setup portal or manage the network, you will require to use its password. Although the Orbi router has a default password included in the manual setup guide, that you can change later. But, in some cases, you might face an Orbi password issue unexpectedly, and there can be several causes behind this. Obviously, that condition can be more annoying as you will remain inaccessible from the setup portal. But, to get that solved, you can try out these troubleshooting tips that will surely work for your error.

Orbi Setup Default Password

Basically, the default password for the Orbi devices is admin in most cases. That you can get from the device’s manual setup guide that you received with the packed box. Also, the username and password will be written on the device’s panel. Although you can change the password once completing the setup process, using the wireless advanced settings. So, it is advisable to go through the Orbi manual guide to get to know the default details. Later, you can use this information for the setup process until you modify it.

orbi password

Possible Reasons Behind Orbi Password Issue

As we mentioned earlier, there can be multiple reasons that create the Netgear Orbi setup password issue. Here is a list of those most possible causes.

  • There is a technical glitch in the web-based setup portal.
  • You are not using the default accurate password.
  • There can be any mistake in the password while inserting it in the field.
  • You changed the password earlier but do not remember that now.

These are the usual reasons that can lead you to face the Orbi password issue. So, just verify them once separately to get to know the error’s source and apply a suitable solution.

Retrieve The Password

Once you verify the above-mentioned points, take the appropriate solution. But, to retrieve the password, go to the login portal by searching the Orbi web or IP address. As you visit the login window, you will see the Forgot Password option there. Now, click on that option and get the password through a recovery code. In another case, you might get the password by inserting the password hint in the required field. If these ways don’t work for your Orbi setup password issue, then choose another method.

Reset The Password

Orbi setup Reset The Password

Instead of retrieving the password, you can choose to reset it by discarding the older configured settings. In this method, you will require to reset the device and configure it again. Follow the process below to discard the settings and the Orbi setup password issue too.

To do this approach, take your Orbi device and locate the reset button on it. Next, press that button for a few seconds and check the LED color as well. Once the light starts blinking, it means the Orbi device is resetting now. Soon, the stable and solid LED will notify you about the process completion. This shows the Orbi device is turned into its actual default state and requires configuring again. Later, set up the device again using the default password through the web portal or the WiFi app. Hence, the Orbi password issue is resolved in this way.

Set A New Password

Equally important to reset the password, it is also a consideration point to make the password secure. As the default password is admin which is easy to guess for external users. So, to avoid them, you must take this point into account immediately after performing the reset process. Go to the wireless advanced settings on the web management portal and choose the password option. But, make sure to set a strong password that must be hard to guess. To do this, try to add upper, lower-case, numeric, and capital letters in the password. But, avoid using your personal information such as your contact number and birth date. Doing so will allow you to prevent the Orbi password issue in the future.

Thus, you will be successful in resolving the Orbi password issue by using these troubleshooting tips. If you face the condition again then take more help from our Orbi technical experts. Contact them either through calling or mailing options.


The default password for Orbi devices is admin in most cases. You can take these details from the Orbi manual setup guide that you will get with the Orbi device in the packaged box.
The foolproof method to get this error clear is to reset the device once. After doing this, the older configured settings and that error will be resolved. Afterward, you can set up the device using the default password and set a new one later.