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Although you can connect your device to the Orbi router easily, by choosing the wireless network or using an ethernet wire. However, you can face being unable to connect Orbi router conditions in rare cases due to some issues in the network. So, to fix this error and get the connectivity back, try out these troubleshooting tips that will surely help you.

Verify The Configured Settings

The first step here is to check the previously configured settings of the router. There must not be any fault in the information that you used while doing the process. Make sure the Orbi router is connected to the host modem with strong connection strength. The default web and IP address of the router must be accurate, and the login credentials as well. Also, check whether your device is attached to the official network or not.

Advanced Settings Of The Router

In addition to the configuration settings, verify the advanced settings of the router. Check the dual frequency bands working of the router and change the bandwidth channels if required. Later, check the network’s wireless settings and do some modifications to them also. But, after making changes to them, click on the Save button to implement those changes. Doing so will enable you to resolve the Can’t connect to Orbi router issue for sure.

Remove Unauthorized Users

While verifying the wireless settings of the router, if you find any external user on the network, then change its password. Doing so will log out all those unauthorized users which are making the Can’t connect to Orbi router and are limiting the connections. So, change the SSID network name and give it a unique and different identity from other users. Also, try to make a strong password for the network to make it more secure and avoid those external connections.

Update The Software Of The Router

The obsolete software version of the router makes interruptions in the connection and in working also. This is why you are facing the unable to connect Orbi router error constantly. So, check the router’s firmware version on which it is currently running and see for the updates on the web-based management portal.

  • Use your networked device and open the web browser on it.
  • Go to the Firmware Upgrade option on the management page.
  • Choose the file accordingly and download that on your PC.
  • Again visit the same page and upload the file to do the update.
  • Click on the Firmware Update option and wait till it completes.
  • Don’t turn off the router and PC while doing the updating process.
Orbi Firmware Update

Upgrade The Web Browser

Additionally, updating the device’s web browser is equally important to the router’s firmware. So, choose the web browser that you are using to access the router’s login portal. See for its updates if there are any available, download it, and install it immediately. As a result, your can’t connect to Orbi router problem will be fixed in less time.

Check The Connections

Furthermore, check the strength of the connection and see whether your device is connected to the right network or not. In the wireless connection, your device must be connected to your own home network rather than someone else’s.
As there might be similar network names in your vicinity. On the other hand, check the ethernet wires that you used in the wired connections. Those wires must not have any signs of tear or wear. If there is any, then replace the wire with another and the latest one.

Reset The Router

To remove the unable to connect Orbi router always, discard the older configuration settings and set up the router again. To do this, reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button from its back or side panel. Meanwhile, keep checking the reset LED on the router to get to know the process’s condition. Once the reset process is finished, choose any method from the setup processes to install the router and try connecting your device to the Orbi network.

Therefore, the unable to connect Orbi router issue will be resolved easily by using all these troubleshooting tips. If this error occurs again, don’t think more to contact our Orbi Technical experts for more help. Choose the call option to directly talk with them or send your queries by mailing them.