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Though the Orbi devices come with simple setup processes, which allow users to configure the device quickly. By using the app or through the Orbi setup without app, you can set up the device in another two approaches. Interestingly, there will be no requirement to get any in-depth technical knowledge once you get familiar with the basic setup points. Although it is necessary to go through those points carefully, as any mistake can harm the device. So, have a look over these setups and other points that you can try out for a successful setup process.

WPS Setup Process

In this first method, you will require to use and press the WPS buttons from the Orbi router and extender. But, for this process make sure your existing extender is compatible with the WPS. Take your router and extender and follow the remaining steps from here.

  • Plug the router into a working power outlet near the extender’s socket.
  • Check the power lights on both devices and verify the distance also.
  • Then, move to the next step, which is to press the router’s WPS button.
  • Within the next two minutes, push the WPS button from the extender.
  • Again, verify the LED signs on both devices to confirm the processing.
  • Here, both LEDs will indicate that the setup process is going on.
  • Soon, those lights will turn solid which means the process is complete.
  • Thus, you are successful in doing the Orbi setup without app process.

Requirements For the Orbi Setup Without App

Unlike the WPS setup process, the web browser setup requires some specific things. So, collect those things which are listed below and start the Netgear Orbi setup without app process later.

  • Your device with access to its web browser.
  • The Orbi router’s login and other credentials.
  • An ethernet wire in case you want to make a wired connection.
  • Your existing extender must have an active internet connection.
  • Two power sockets with an uninterrupted power supply.
Netgear Orbi setup

Setup On The Web Portal

For this Orbi setup without app process, access the web setup portal using any web browser on the networked device. Carry out these setup steps to complete the process.

  • Attach your device to the Orbi network either using its wireless network or through an ethernet wire.
  • After that, open any web browser on it and insert the Orbi web or IP address in the search field.
  • As you click enter after inserting that, that browser will redirect you to the login window.
  • There you will see the username and password boxes to which you will require to enter these details.
  • Fill in the login credentials accurately and click on the Login button later.
  • As a result, the setup window will be shown up on the next screen page.
  • Now, choose the network accordingly from the wireless list and allow the portal to extend it.
  • Thus, you are now successful in performing the Netgear Orbi setup without app process.

Note: If you don’t know the password or have any Orbi password issue, consider the manual of your Orbi device. You will find the password information on it.

Update The Orbi Firmware

After completing the Orbi setup without app process, it is mandatory to check the latest updates of the router. Updating the firmware on time allows the router to work in its optimized state and remove the errors too. To get that, visit the web management portal of the router and check for the latest version file. If there is any available then save it safely on your networked PC. Thereafter, choose the Firmware Update option from the same page and carry out the process using the on-screen directions. When the process is complete, the router will start working with fast internet speed and stable signals.

Troubleshoot The Orbi Setup Without App Errors

It can be possible that you start facing the Orbi router’s malfunctioning, due to some technical glitches. There can be any problem with the Orbi router, extender, and device or there can be several reasons behind this. But, before applying the appropriate solution to the router, let’s have a look over some common causes.

Few Common Causes

  • A larger distance between the Orbi router and the existing extender.
  • Signals interference in the router’s signals from other appliances.
  • Weak or no connectivity between the Orbi router and your devices.
  • Mistakes in the current configuration details of the Orbi router.
  • You performed the Netgear Orbi setup without app process imperfect.
  • The Orbi router’s firmware file is outdated and requires to be updated.

These are the usual sources that can lead you to face errors in the router working. So, verify them once separately and try getting the working fixed.

Troubleshoot The Router’s Errors

Reset The Router

If still, you are experiencing the Orbi router working errors then try resetting it and reconfiguring it also. Find the reset button from the router’s back or side panel and press that for a few seconds. Check the Reset light on the router’s panel to get to know the process confirmation. Once the LED turns stable after blinking for a few seconds, execute the setup process again. Choose any method from app setup or Orbi setup without app and make the router ready to use.

These are the other Orbi setup without app processes, that you can try out to configure your router. In case you look for more help related to the same query then get in touch with our Orbi experts for more help. Choose any option from calling or mailing and contact us right away.