Orbi Advanced Settings And Customizations Through Web Interface

Orbi Advanced Settings

Although the Orbi mesh setup is renowned for its exceptional performance and coverage, expanding the existing WiFi signals. However, the well-managed advanced settings of the Orbi network can make the performance more improved to a great extent. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key features of those Orbi advanced settings and how they can be tailored to the specific needs of the network.

Understanding Orbi Mesh Setup & Settings

The Orbi mesh setup is a system that comes with several satellites to provide seamless, and consistent WiFi signals. Those interconnected satellites work to communicate with each other and make a combined network to offer strong signal transmission.

Like its advanced features, this setup has several Orbi advanced settings that allow this to work optimally after well-configuration. Such as frequency bands, WiFi channels, security settings, firmware updates, guest networks, parental controls, and many more.

Accessing The Orbi Web Interface

To make use of those Orbi advanced settings, you’ll need to go to the Orbi web interface on the networked device. Though there are two mediums to access the portal both will allow you to have the same features accessible. The first one is by searching for the Orbi web address and another is by using the IP address. To access that:

  • Launch the updated and compatible web browser on the network-connected device.
  • Make sure that the browser is free from cookies, and caches so that there will be no difficulties.
  • Insert Orbilogin.com as the web address in the browser’s search field and click enter.
  • Alternatively, use the IP address which is if you face difficulties using the web address.
  • Then, log into your Orbi router by filling in the default username and password.
  • As a result, the dashboard appearing on the screen will allow you to access the settings.

Exploring Orbi Advanced Settings

Once you complete the login process on the Orbilogin.com portal, click on the wireless advanced settings option. There will be a plethora of features available for your Orbi setup.

Frequency Bands & Channels

You will see the two frequency band options if your router supports dual-band. Make sure both are active and working optimally which will offer the highest internet speed uninterruptedly. Moreover, choose the less used WiFi channels that must be different from your neighbor’s networks. Doing so will make the communication process between the satellites simpler and smoother.

WiFi Network Settings

Apart from that, the WiFi settings will have two options such as the SSID network name and password. These things are case-sensitive and easy to guess until you change them after the setup. So, change the SSID network name and set a unique one to give the network a different identity. Further, set a new and strong password of the network to make it strong and hard to access for external users.

Guest Network

The Orbilogin.com portal will allow you to create a guest separate network different from your own official one. So, you can share that network with visitors in case you have any time at your place. Create a new network with a different name, and password, and allow the devices for access. In doing so, your own network will remain safe, optimized, and inaccessible for those users.

Parental Controlsk

This feature available on the Orbi interface makes the network safe for families and kids. Using this option, you can restrict the suspicious and malicious sites ensuring a secure online experience for your children. Additionally, this allows you to manage internet access, set time limits, and filter based content on categories.

Firmware Updates

Regular firmware update is crucial to keep the Orbi setup performance flawless and smooth without any obstructions. That’s why you must be aware of the latest update and upgrade that as quickly as possible. But, don’t worry, this feature will also be available on the portal and you can use that in an easy way.

Click on the Firmware Update option under Administration and check the latest version availability of your Orbi setup, Download and store the file on your networked PC and reach the same portal again in the same way. Finally, upload the file and carry out the upgrading process using the screen directions.

Connected Device Management

The device management option will enable you to get insights and a list of the networked devices. More than that, you can manage the connected devices, allocate specific IP addresses, and block unauthorized users. This will keep the network’s data safe and prevent serious risks from those users. It is suggested to keep changing the network’s password often for security enhancement.

Once you access and use these features with your Orbi mesh setup, you will see a significant overall improvement in it. Also, we expect that this information is enough and simple for you. However, if you seek more help with this, get in touch with our team of tech experts.