How To Add An Orbi Satellite To The Existing Orbi Pro Router Network?

Add Orbi Satellite

The Orbi routers come with an easy-to-manage feature, that you can access on the networked device’s web browser. But, being a non-technical person, you might get a question continuously like, how to add Orbi satellite to the router? Clearly, you will remain untouched with this feature unless or until you get familiar with the satellite-adding process. But, our useful information in this blog will help you to attach and use the Orbi satellite in a decent manner. So, go through this post briefly.

How Does The Orbi Satellite Work?

The Orbi satellites in the mesh setup work as a booster and amplify the Orbi router’s signals after the router setup. After getting attached to the main router, it starts covering the WiFi dead spots at your larger place. Interestingly, you can add Orbi satellite to the Orbi router in a wired connection by using an ethernet cable. To achieve this, you have to place the main router at the center of your house. But, the other satellites in that area where you face slow or no internet speed. As a result, the Orbi mesh setup will start delivering internet signals throughout every corner of your house.

Connect Satellite To The Router

After configuring the Orbi router perfectly, you can attach the Orbi satellite to it in two different ways. The former is the manual adding method and the latter is through the Orbi WiFi app. Read those processes thoroughly and apply any of them.

Manually Link Both

In this process, you will require to use and press the sync buttons from the router and satellite as well. Take both devices and follow the rest of the steps from here.

  • Choose an ideal location for a satellite, which must not be too far from the router.
  • Then, plug the satellite into a power socket and turn the switch on and check the power LED.
  • If the power LED is off after plugging in then locate and press the power button from the bottom.
  • As a result, the power light will turn white and will keep blinking for a few seconds.
  • Once the satellite completes boot-up that LED will turn stable and solid white.
  • Later, press the sync button from the satellite panel first once it becomes connectable.
  • After doing that, push the sync button from the main router within the next minute.
  • Wait for some time as the syncing process will take almost 5 to 6 minutes.
  • After performing this process, check the LED on the satellite to get the connection confirmation.

Sync Satellite On The App

Apart from that approach, you can choose to use the Orbi WiFi app to accomplish this process. Take your networked device and get the app on it. But, ensure to check the power supply and placement of the satellite first.

  • First, install the Orbi WiFi app on your network-connected device.
  • Make sure to choose the official app and the latest version also.
  • After that, open the app and log in by inserting the Orbi login details.
  • Tap the left corner on the dashboard from the next screen page.
  • Next, click on the Add Satellite button and use the screen directions.

Verify LED Color

After completing the Add Orbi Satellite process, examine the LED color to get to know the router and satellite working.

  • Blue Light- It shows that your router and satellite are attached successfully and are in a good connection.
  • Amber LED- It means the router and your satellite are synced but there is not a fair connection. So, try moving both closer together.
  • Magenta Light- The connection was unsuccessful and you will need to execute the process again.

Troubleshooting Tips For Errors

Although these processes are simple to perform, you might face some difficulties during the process. Obviously, there can be any technical glitch in the Router and the satellite that may lead you to face errors. But, apply these troubleshooting tips to get the error fixed.

Reboot Both Devices

To remove the temporary technical bugs in the router and satellite, reboot them once. Leave them unplugged for a short period of time and plug them in again later. But, try choosing the other power sockets and different locations for both. But, keep in mind to keep the distance minimum between both.

Reset The Router

If still, you are unable to add Orbi satellite to the router, then use the reset process of the router. Press the router’s reset button from its panel and hold that for almost 8-10 seconds. Thereafter, configure the router again and try to add the Orbi satellite to the main router in the end.

Thus, you will be successful in attaching the Orbi router and satellite together by using these points. If you still face any trouble during the process, then get in touch with our Orbi Technical Experts for more help.