Stay Ahead of the Curve: Discover How To Update Orbi Firmware

update orbi firmware

Firmware is software that offers basic instructions for the hardware to function accurately and communicate with the other software running on the device. It also provides low-level control for device hardware. That is why it is also called the software for the hardware. But it is different from the software as it is not user-friendly. Netgear regularly releases new updates to upgrade the old and add some new features from time to time. To ensure the addition of advanced updates do not forget to update the firmware of your orbi router and satellites. But you do not have to feel out of place even if you have no idea about how to update Orbi firmware. We are here to get you acquainted with this essential part of the network system. Let’s understand the whole context without wasting much time.

Methods To Update The Firmware

There are two methods to update the Orbi firmware. You can either do it manually or go for automatic updates. The automatic firmware update is more trending. But we are going to elaborate on the manual update method also in case you have to do it for some reason.

About Automatic Updates

This is a very easy method for firmware updates of your Orbi router and its satellites. Just a few steps and forget about updating your firmware.

  • Go to the Advanced Settings and then to the Administration Settings.
  • Check for the Firmware option and see if there are any pending updates.
  • Update the firmware and then set the updates to automatic.
  • By doing this, you can ensure timely updates of the firmware without even checking them from time to time.
  • You can do the same for satellites’ firmware updates.

Detailed Guidelines To Update the Firmware

The Orbi Router

  • Check for the latest update of your Orbi router model. Download it from the Netgear Download Center.
  • Make sure you connect your device to the router via an ethernet cable. Updating the firmware while the devices are connected wirelessly can invite unwanted bugs, and viruses and leave your device unusable.
  • Then open a new tab and enter the in the address bar.
  • Access the web interface of your Orbi device by entering your login credentials.
  • Just remember that the password should be the changed one. The old password will result in login failure. In addition, enter the new SSID in case you have changed that too. The portal will not recognize your router if you fill in the wrong SSID and password.
  • Go to the Advanced settings on the setup page.
  • Scroll and you will find the Administration settings option.
  • Go for Manual Firmware Update.
  • Now, click on the Upload button beside the Orbi router firmware update section.
  • Upload the latest version of the firmware you downloaded from the Netgear Download Center.
  • The Firmware update will take some time. You are advised to wait patiently.
  • Do not interfere while the upload is in the process. Also, do not turn off the device.

Note: Do not forget to update the firmware of the satellites in case you are using them too (The steps are the same for both kinds of updates). Another thing to remember is that you should update the satellite firmware first. But if you feel stuck and some issue starts bothering you then you can get in touch with our technical support team. The way issues do not see the time our team also does not care about timing. They work 24/7 to provide technical assistance. So, do not worry about anything and seek professional help.