How To Perform Netgear Orbi Setup With Existing Router

netgear orbi setup

Wireless data networking has undergone a major revolution thanks to Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi solutions. It is a creative and highly technological solution to several internet issues, including WiFi dead zones, sluggish speeds, and unstable networks. You may anticipate greater coverage and quicker speeds from this WiFi technology as a user. It is a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to change their present internet network.

To get a faster internet speed and greater network coverage. Because they are bothered with their current one. You can begin using the Netgear Orbi setup with existing router to enjoy its speedy internet services. You can accomplish this with the aid of the Netgear Orbi handbook or a member of the technical support staff.

Manually Configure Netgear Orbi With Existing Router

If you want to learn the Netgear Orbi setup with existing router, go to this page. Using an existing router as an access point will allow you to set up Orbi with it. Simple methods for setting up a Netgear Orbi with an existing router:

  • A power supply must connect to the Orbi device.
  • Afterward, grab a WiFi network cable for connectivity.
  • Connect it to the Netgear Orbi router’s internet port.
  • Insert the cable’s opposite end into the router you already have.
  • Select a web browser and launch it on a device.
  • Fill up the URL field with
  • Visit the Orbi router login page using Orbi’s web or IP address.
  • From the further options menu, choose ‘Advanced Setup’.
  • Selecting the ‘AP’ working mode after clicking ‘Router’.
  • Activate the AP mode and choose your IP settings.
  • ‘Save’ your work before leaving the web interface.

Just that! It’s quite simple to set up Orbi using the current router.

Orbi: How Do I Connect It To The Router?

The process of linking the Orbi router to the current router is easy and uncomplicated. Follow the instructions below:

  • Your current router should be close to the Orbi device.
  • The Orbi gadget must connect to a power supply.
  • Observe the power light until it becomes solid.
  • Verify that your current router should plug into a power source.
  • Connect the one end of an Ethernet cable to your current router.

The Orbi device’s internet port will receive the cable’s opposite end. An existing Orbi device now connects to the router that is already in place.

Do Existing Routers Work With Orbi?

The Orbi gadget is designed to function with your current modem or router. You can utilize the WiFi on your Orbi instead of the WiFi on your current router by setting it up as an access point. Simple methods for setting up a Netgear Orbi with an existing router:

Attach your Orbi device to the current router that your ISP is currently providing. Set the Orbi satellite and Orbi router in sync. Before connecting to the Orbi device, make sure your modem/router’s WiFi turns off.

Connecting Netgear Routers?

A Netgear router can be configured to work with another router. You must configure the Netgear router in bridge mode to accomplish this.

  • Write down the other router’s wireless information.
  • Go to in your browser by opening it.
  • Enter the username and password for your Netgear router.
  • Then select the ‘Advanced’ tab from the basic home page.
  • Afterward, select the ‘Wireless Bridge’ under ‘Advanced Setup’ by clicking.
  • Select “Enable bridge mode” from the menu.
  • Enter the WiFi password for a different router.
  • To save the changes, click ‘Apply’.

Setting Up The Netgear Orbi

A WiFi mesh network called the Netgear Orbi is designed to provide your home with high-quality WiFi coverage for those who are unfamiliar with it. Even if you wish to connect your current router to it, setting it up is straightforward. When you link your Orbi device to your ISP modem, your entire home will have WiFi access, allowing you to move around without losing the signal.

Additional Steps For Netgear Orbi Setup

There are no complications at any point during the entire treatment. It’s simple to do the Netgear Orbi setup with existing router.

  • Simply connect your present internet service provider’s router or modem to the Orbi router.
  • The next step is to use your Orbi router to synchronize the devices with all of the satellites.
  • Your entire home will be covered by the WiFi mesh network that is created.
  • A benefit is that you won’t need to set up a new SSID. You can connect all of your gadgets to your home using the same SSID.
  • All Orbi models feature three bands, two of which are 5GHz and one of which is 2.4GHz. The latter of the two will be used to generate wireless backhaul.
  • The router unit will serve as the backhaul for your dedicated WiFi connection as it connects to the satellites. That’s all there is to it!

Orbi routers are compatible with a variety of internet service providers’ devices. Simply connect your modem to it if your internet service provider has provided you with an Orbi router. If your internet service provider provides you with another WiFi router and modem, don’t forget to deactivate the WiFi before attaching your Orbi device to it.

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