Is It Time to Upgrade? Understanding Firmware Update In Orbi Router

Orbi Router

Although the Orbi router works optimally to cover WiFi dead spots extending the existing internet signals. However, there can be some performance issues in the router due to some technical glitches or outdated firmware. In this blog, we will discuss some conditions that will indicate that it is time for a firmware update. Check them and upgrade your router’s firmware to overcome issues.

Importance Of Firmware Update

Before we delve into the firmware updating process of the Orbi router, let’s understand the basics and its importance. The firmware is the operating version or software of the router that works to operate the router optimally. The latest is the update of the router, the more optimized it will work. Also, it acts as a major resolving tip for technical, security, and performance bugs. That’s why it becomes necessary to keep the firmware updated always or whenever the new version is available.

Signs When Router Needs A Firmware Update

There can be multiple indications when your router shows that a software update is necessary and required. Here are those:

Poor Performance

Your router might start performing sluggishly all of a sudden even after with well-managed settings and corrected physical factors. The signal transmission might become slow, unstable, and interrupted between the devices. Also, your devices will get slow speed on the internet with an active and updated internet plan.

Connectivity Issues

A weak or intermittent connection between the router and your device can be an issue due to outdated software. The networked devices are not able to maintain stable and strong connections even after attaching through ethernet wires. Moreover, if your device loses the connection to the wireless network there will surely be a need for an upgrade.

Unstable WPS Connections

Like the connectivity errors in the Orbi router and the networked devices, there can also be the same case with its satellites. The router and other satellites need to be connected through the Sync Buttons on them. Further, there will be a need to connect the router and satellites through ethernet wires. But, if the connection fails through this method, there can be a possibility of outdated software.

The App Portal Is Not Working

If you are facing difficulties while accessing the Orbi login page on the app, outmoded software can be a reason. However, there can be some other causes behind the login error such as the wrong login details, and mistakes. But, if you are getting issues after entering the faultless details, then there is that major cause for sure.

Security Bugs In Network

As the updated firmware works to fix security bugs in the network an outdated version can create them. If the security of your network is getting weak that can be due to outmoded software. Moreover, if there is unauthorized access to the network, then there can be the same reason.

Update Firmware Of The Router

To update the firmware of your router, use the web interface and do the Orbi login to access the option. Then, get the latest version and carry out the further process.

Check For Update

Access the Orbi web interface on any device’s browser using the Orbi default web or IP address. Enter the Orbi login and other prompted details in the fields and move to the next page. Afterward, click on the Firmware Update option under the settings and see the latest version.

Download The File

Get the file on your PC after selecting the exact version of your router from the portal. Make sure to select the official file and that must not be corrupted which can create issues further. Save the downloaded file on the PC safely and visit the portal again for the next process.

Execute The Process

Now, start performing the update process from the same portal using the same option and the downloaded file. Follow the directions displayed on the screen in the right way to achieve the process successfully and hassle-free. Wait for the process to complete and finally reboot the router to check the performance.

As an alternative method, you can use the Netgear WiFi app to check the firmware update of your router. So, if you face difficulties while using the web interface or want to use another method, access the app portal. Log into the app portal and click on the Firmware Update option under Administration.

Keep In Mind These Points

While carrying out the updating process try to consider these points which will enable you to have an error-free process. Ensure to follow them in the right sequence and with the most priority.

Create A Backup Of Settings

Try to create a backup of the older settings of your router before you start executing the process. Doing so will allow you to restore the settings if the firmware update process fails or shows some glitches.

Keep The Connection Strong

It is necessary to have a stable connection between the PC and your router’s network for a faster process. So, disconnect the other devices from the network and let the PC connect to it for the process.

Choose Schedule Update

If in any case, you are busy or the internet speed is not too fast, schedule the update for later. Moreover, some updates may prompt a reboot of the router which can also interrupt the internet connection.

Check Update Frequently

Netgear often releases firmware updates and new versions on the web portal and the Netgear WiFi app. So, regularly check the updates for your router and upgrade the version on time to keep the performance flawless.

To Conclude

These are the cases when you notice that there is a need to update the firmware of your router. Once you complete the updating process there will be a significant improvement in the network without any glitches. However, if you have more queries with your router, get in touch with our team of tech experts.